Chapter 6: Advanced Editing
6-8: Text
6-8-1: Understanding Text

There are a number of ways to place text in a circuit. Essentially, every piece of text on the display is tied to some node or arc (or occasionally a cell). By understanding the relationship between text and its attached object, it becomes easy to manipulate that text.

The visibility of text can be controlled with the "Layers" tab of the sidebar (see Section 4-5-3). This allows you to reduce the clutter of text on the display.

When the node or arc that the text is tied to is modified (rotated or mirrored), the text adjusts as well. The two text factors that change are (1) the offset of the text from the center of the node, and (2) the anchor point.

The example here shows the rotation of an offpage node that has an export on the flat end.
Figure 6.31

The left side of the example shows the node and text before the node is rotated: the export text is anchored on the right side (the green "U" shows the anchor point, see Section 6-8-2) and the anchor point is offset to the left of center so that it starts at the left side of the node.

After rotation (on the right) the export text is anchored on top and the anchor is rotated to be below the node.

Note that all other text factors remain unchanged when the attached object is modified. This includes the text rotation, which can be set only in the Properties dialog (see Section 6-8-3).

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