Chapter 6: Advanced Editing
6-8: Text
6-8-3: Modifying Text

Like nodes and arcs, text can be moved simply by clicking and dragging. Text can be rotated by selecting it and using the Rotate commands in the Edit menu. Text can be erased by selecting it and using the Selected command of the Edit / Erase menu (the Delete key).

Changing a Single Piece of Text

To change text, double-click on it and type a new value. To change other aspects of selected text, and use the Object Properties... command (in menu Edit / Properties).

Besides the text at the top of the dialog, these fields can be modified:
  • "Text Size" can be absolute (given in "points") or relative (given in units).
  • "X/Y offset" is relative to the center of the attached object.
  • "Rotation" is in 90-degree increments only.
Figure 6.6

These additional factors can be controlled:

Changing Multiple Pieces of Text

The above dialog changes information on a single piece of text. There are two ways to change information on multiple pieces of text: (1) select all of the text and use Object Properties... or (2) use the Change Text Size... command (in menu Edit / Text).

Figure 4-14
The Change Text Size... command allows you to change the size, font, and style of any text object. Instead of selecting the text, you have a choice of 6 classes of text that can be changed, and you can choose whether to make the changes only on selected objects, in the current cell, in all cells of a particular view, or everywhere.

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