Chapter 6: Advanced Editing
6-7: Undo Control

Electric has an undo mechanism that tracks all changes made during a session. When a command is issued, it and its side effects are stored.

The Undo command (in menu Edit) reverses the last change made (this includes any changes that may have been made by other tools). Multiple uses of the Undo command continue to undo further back. The Redo command redoes changes, up to the most recent change made.

Figure 6.9
You can also use the undo (counterclockwise) and redo (clockwise) icons from the tool bar.

Electric stores only the last 40 changes, so anything older than that cannot be undone. To increase the number of changes that are saved, use the General Preferences (in menu File / Preferences..., "General" section, "General" tab), and change the "Maximum undo history" field. To see a history of changes that were made, use the Show Undo List command (in menu Edit).

In Electric, almost every command is undoable, but there are some exceptions. Commands that write disk files are not undoable, because Electric would not be so presumptuous as to delete a disk file. Also, commands that read a disk file are undoable, but because users generally do not want to remove libraries from memory once read in, the system prompts you to be sure that such a large undo is really desired.

Another useful command in for controlling changes being made is Repeat Last Action (in menu Edit). This repeats the last command, but only works for commands that can sensibly be repeated.

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