8-6: Special Layer Information


Once the layers have been defined, the color map can be built to describe the transparent colors and all of their combinations. Use the Edit Colors... command of the Technology menu to modify all 32 combinations of the five transparent layers. A color mixing palette is presented in which any of the five transparent layers can be viewed in conjunction with the other four. It is necessary that exactly five layers be given transparent status (ten if there are associated pseudo-layers). This editing facility is the same one that is found in the Edit Colors... command which modifies the current display (see Section 4-6).

Another piece of information that can be determined, once the layers have been defined, is the design rules. Use the Edit Design Rules... command of the Technology menu to see them. This command displays a dialog similar to the one that modifies rules of existing technologies (see Section 9-2 for more on design-rules)

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