Chapter 4: THE DISPLAY


4-5: Layer Visibility


The nodes and arcs on the display are composed of more basic layers. By using the Layer Visibility... command of the Windows menu, you can control which layers are actually drawn.

A dialog is presented showing the layers in the current technology. By clicking on a layer entry, that layer's visibility is toggled (the ">" mark indicates that the layer is visible). Special buttons let you mark or unmark all of the layers.

This is a modeless dialog: it can remain up while other editing is being done. Therefore, you can apply visibility changes with the "Apply" button without dismissing the dialog.

Besides setting visibility by Electric layers, you can choose different layer sets which work with external layers (i.e. GDS layers). When the command finishes, the windows are redrawn.

Figure 4.1

The right side of the dialog lets you choose which of the different types of text will be visible. These different types of text are described more fully in Section 6-8. Note that this side is titled "Text visibility options" which means that these settings are saved, whereas those on the left side are not.

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