Chapter 5: Arcs
5-4: Other Properties
5-4-4: Naming

Another property of an arc is its name. This is a character string that is displayed on the arc and used to name the electrical network connected to that arc. The "Name" field in the Object Properties... dialog allows you to specify this property, which is then displayed on the arc. See Section 6-8-4 for "smart" arc name control.

All arcs are named in Electric, so if you don't give it a name, one will be assigned. These names, which typically take the form "object@number" are temporary names, and are distinguished from the names given by the user. Temporary names are not displayed on the arcs, but user-defined names are.

Note that creating exports is another way of naming a network. See Section 6-9-2 for more on network naming.

Arc names can be quite complex when applied to busses. The names can be indexed, aggregated, and otherwise be used to describe multiple signals. See Section 6-9-3 for more on bus naming.

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