Chapter 6: Advanced Editing
6-9: Networks
6-9-2: Naming Networks

Network names are derived from export names and arcs that are named in a cell. The name given to an export becomes the network name for all arcs connected to that export. Similarly, the name given to an arc (by setting the name field in the Object Properties... dialog) becomes the name of the network for all connected arcs. You can rename a network by changing the name of a connected export or arc.

Two phenomena can occur in network naming: a network can be multiply named, and it can span disjoint circuitry. A network has multiple names when two or more connected arcs or exports are named with different names. For example, if you make an export on a contact node and call it "clock", then you select an arc connected to that contact node and name it "sig", the circuitry will be on the network "clock/sig." Thus, both names now apply to the same network.

The other phenomenon of network naming is that a single network can include unconnected parts of the circuit. This happens when arcs in unconnected parts of the circuit are given the same name. This causes the two arcs to be implicitly joined into one network. Because this network naming phenomena is most commonly used in schematics, the unification of like-named networks only happens in cells with the "schematic" view.

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