Chapter 4: Display
4-4: Zooming and Panning
4-4-1: Zooming

The scale of a window's contents can be controlled in a number of ways. The Zoom In command (in menu Window) zooms in, magnifying the contents of the display. The Zoom Out command does the opposite - it shrinks the display. Both zoom by a factor of two.

During normal editing, you can zoom the display with the shift-right button or with the control-mouse-wheel (see Section 1-8). Holding shift-right while dragging a rectangular area causes the display to zoom into that area, making it fill the screen. Clicking shift-right in a single location causes the display to zoom out, centered at that point. Holding the control key and rolling the mouse wheel also zooms in and out.

Figure 4.8
You can also use the Zoom tool from the tool bar to zoom in and out. This has the same zoom in and out functions, but they are now attached to the left button (no shift needed). To zoom into an area, click and drag out that area. To zoom out, hold the shift key and click in the center of the desired area. The Zoom tool can also scale continuously by clicking the right button and dragging up and down. This mode can also be invoked with the Toggle Zoom command (in menu Edit / Modes / Edit).

The most useful scale change command is Fill Window (in menu Window), which makes the current cell fill the window.

There are four special zooming commands in the Window / Special Zoom menu:

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