Chapter 1: Introduction
1-8: The Mouse

Electric mostly uses the left and right mouse buttons, although there are functions that can use a middle button. On Macintosh systems with only one button, hold the Command key to get the right button functions.

 Left ClickSelect
SHIFTLeft ClickInvert selection
CTRLLeft ClickCycle through selected objects
CTRL + SHIFTLeft ClickCycle through objects to Invert
 Left Double ClickGet Info
 Left DragMove selected objects or Select area
CTRLLeft DragMove selected objects, constrained
 Right ClickDraw or Connect Wire
CTRLRight ClickDraw Wire (no connect)
SHIFTRight ClickZoom Out
SHIFTRight DragZoom In
CTRL + SHIFTRight DragDraw Box
 Middle DragPan Screen
SHIFTMiddle DragSelect area without moving
 Wheel Up/DownScroll Up/Down
SHIFTWheel Up/DownScroll Right/Left
CTRLWheel Up/DownZoom in/out

By combining special keystrokes with the mouse functions, advanced layout operations can be done:

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