Chapter 3: Hierarchy
3-11: Views
3-11-2: Switching between Views of a Cell

When editing one view of a cell, there are commands in the View menu that will switch to an alternate view of the same cell. For all other view types, use Edit Other View... and select the desired view. Note that these commands are equivalent to the Edit Cell... command (in menu Cell) with an appropriate selection.

When editing cells with text-only views (VHDL, Documentation, etc.), the window becomes a text editor. You may then use the Text Cell Contents... commands (in menu File / Export and File / Import) to save and restore this text to disk. See Section 4-9 for more on text editing.

The commands to edit another view work only when that cell exists. To create a new cell of a particular type, use the Make... commands of the View menu. These view conversion commands are available:

There is also a way to convert from a hardware description language (VHDL or Verilog) to a circuit. To do this, use the Convert Current Cell to Rats-Nest Structure command (in menu Tools / Silicon Compiler). The resulting cell will be either a layout cell or a schematics cell (depending on the "Make Layout Cells (not Schematics)" setting in the "Verilog" preferences, see Section 9-4-2). See Section 9-12 for more on Silicon Compilation.

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