Chapter 1: Introduction
1-10: IC Layout Tutorial
1-10-8: IC Layout Tutorial: Exports

Before you can attach wires to the instance node, there must be connection sites, or ports on that node. Primitive nodes such as contacts and transistors already have their ports established, but you must explicitly create ports for cell instances. This is done by creating exports inside the cell definition.

Figure 1.12
Move the cursor to the window with the lower-level cell ("MyCircuit") and select the contact node. Then issue the Create Export... command (in menu Export). You will be prompted for an export name and its characteristic (the characteristics can be ignored for now).

Figure 1.9
This takes the port on the contact node and exports it to the outside world. Its name will be visible on the unexpanded instance node in the higher-level cell. You can now connect wires to that node in just the same way as you wired the contact.
Figure 1.13

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