6-7: Undo Control


Electric has an undo mechanism that tracks all changes made during a session. When a command is issued, it and its side effects are stored.

The Undo command of the Edit menu reverses the last change made (this includes any changes that may have been made by other tools). Multiple uses of the Undo command continue to undo further back. The Redo command redoes changes, up to the most recent change made.

Electric stores only the last 20 changes, so anything older than that cannot be undone.

In Electric, almost every command is undoable. This includes some commands that you would not normally conside undoable, such as the mouse click which changes highlighting. Although most commands are undoable, there are some exceptions. Commands that write disk files are not undoable, because Electric would not be so presumptuous as to delete a disk file. Also commands that make vast changes (such as library or technology deletion) are not undoable. Finally, pure informational commands (as found in the Info menu) are not undoable.

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