Chapter 8: Creating New Technologies
8-7: Miscellaneous Information

The Support Cell

Each cell in a technology library describes a different aspect of the technology. The support cell contains technology-wide information. To see this, edit the cell "factors" under the "TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT" section of the cell explorer.

Figure 8.14

The support cell contains many items, any of which can be changed by double-clicking on it.

Transparent Colors

Double-clicking on the "Transparent Colors" entry shows a dialog for selecting the transparent colors. You must define as many colors as you have used in the layers.

Figure 8.27

Design Rules

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit design rules associated with the technology. However, you can add design rules to the XML files produced by the technology editor. To do this, examine the XML files for some existing technologies (for example, CMOS) and copy these lines to the new XML file, editing where appropriate for layer names and spacings.

The Component Menu

Figure 8.8
To customize the layout of the component menu, use the Edit Component Menu... command (in menu Edit / Technology Editing). This dialog works exactly the same as the Component Menu Preferences (see Section 4-5-1).

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