Chapter 7: Technologies
7-1: Introduction to Technologies
7-1-1: Technologies

A technology is an environment in which design is done. Technologies can be layout specific, for example MOSIS CMOS, or they can be abstract, for example Schematics and Artwork. There are multiple CMOS variations to handle popular design rules such as MOSIS, submicron, etc.

Each technology consists of a set of primitive nodes and arcs. These, in turn, are constructed from one or more layers. Each technology also includes information necessary to do design, such as design rules, connectivity rules, simulation information, etc.

The primitive nodes in a technology come in three styles:

The component menu in the side bar (on the left side of the editing window) shows arcs on the left (the menu entries with red border), pin nodes in the center column (these appear as boxes with a cross inside), and components on the right (the more complex layer combinations). See Section 4-5-1 for more on the component menu.

These are the technologies that come with Electric. Some of these technologies are illustrated with sample cells in the built-in "sample" library. To access this library, use the Load Sample Cells Library command (in menu Help).

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