Chapter 6: Advanced Editing
6-10: Outlines
6-10-2: Manipulating Outlines

Figure 6.5
To manipulate outline information on the currently highlighted node, use "Outline Edit" mode (click on the icon in the tool bar or use the Toggle Outline Edit command, in menu Edit / Modes / Edit).
In this mode, there is always a "current point", identified with an "X" over it. To further identify this point, the lines coming into and out of the point have arrows on them indicating the direction of the outline.

In outline edit mode, the left button is used to select and move a point on the outline, and the right button adds a new point after the selected one.

Besides selecting points with the mouse, you can also step through the points of the outline with the "." key (next outline point) and "," key (previous outline point). These keys are under the ">" and "<" keys, so you can think of them as the "next point" (>) and "previous point" (<) commands.

The Selected command (in menu Edit / Erase) deletes the current outline point (this is the Delete key).

When the Object Properties... command is issued in outline-edit mode, a special dialog appears to show the point coordinates of the outline.
Figure 6.29

When done editing the outline, switch to standard selection mode (the Click/Zoom/Wire command, in menu Edit / Modes / Edit).

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