Chapter 4: Display
4-7: Grids and Alignment
4-7-4: Measuring

Figure 4.4
If you wish to find the distance between any two points on the display, use the "Measure" tool from the tool bar.

This mode can also be invoked with the Toggle Measure Distance command (in menu Edit / Modes / Edit) or the Toggle Measurement Mode command (in menu Window / Measurements). Another way to measure distances is to use the cursor coordinates, displayed in the status area.

Measurements remain on the screen until removed with the Clear Measurements command (in menu Window / Measurements)

Measuring in an Edit Window

In measure mode, each click places a new point on the display, and shows the distance to the previous point. Clicking the right button lets you start a new measure point without connecting it to the previous one. If you hold the shift key down, the cursor snaps to points and edges. Double-clicking the right button removes the measurements. The measurement text is scaled by the global text scale (see Section 6-8-4).

Measurements can be drawn in two different styles: Electric and Cadence. Electric style shows the coordinates of the endpoints and shows the distance in the center. Cadence style shows a notched ruler with distances along the way.

Figure 4.24

This is controlled with the "Cadence measurement style" preference (in menu File / Preferences..., "Display" section, "Display Control" tab).

The measured distance can be used by the Array... command (in menu Edit) to specify spacing (see Section 6-4).

Measuring in a Waveform Window

When waveform windows are measured, the display shows a rectangle, with low and high time values as well as low and high waveform values. Each new click drags-out a different measurement. Use the right-click to clear all measurement displays in the panel.

Figure 4.26

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