8-1: Introduction to Technology Editing


Although there are many technology descriptions in Electric, there are many more in the world. To accommodate this, there is the technology editor which allows you to modify existing technologies and create new ones.

The editor works by converting a technology into a library of cells. You then edit the cells, using familiar Electric commands, and make changes to the technology. Finally, the technology editor translates the library back into a technology.

Libraries which describe a technology are called technology libraries. They use elements from the Artwork technology to describe their information. Special commands from the Technology menu aid in the manipulation of these libraries.

There are four types of cells in a technology library which describe the layers, nodes, arcs, and miscellaneous-information. The layer cells all begin with the name "layer-" and each one defines a layer in the technology. For example, the cell called "layer-Metal" defines the metal layer. The node and arc cells correspond to the primitives in the technology. Their names always begin with "node-" and "arc-". The miscellaneous information cell is always called "factors". Any other cell in the library is ignored.

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