1-8: The Mouse


Electric's mouse button commands adapt to the different types of mice in the world:

Command |

Selection | left | left | click
Toggle1 Select | shift left | shift left | shift click
Select Another2 | ctrl left | ctrl left | ctrl click
Toggle Select Another | shift ctrl left  | shift ctrl left  | shift ctrl click 

Special3 Select | meta left | alt left | opt click
Toggle Special Select | shift meta left | shift alt left | shift opt click
Special Select Another | ctrl meta left | ctrl alt left | ctrl opt click
Toggle Special Select Another  | shift ctrl meta left | shift ctrl alt left | shift ctrl opt click

Information |
left |
left |

Creation / Tech. Edit | right | right | cmd click

Rectangle Select4 | meta right | alt right | cmd opt click
Rectangle Zoom5 | shift meta right | shift alt right | shift cmd opt click

Wire6 | shift right | shift right | shift cmd click

Electric presumes that Macintosh mice have 1-button, PC mice have 2, and UNIX mice have 2 or 3 (only 2 are used). Therefore, different versions of the mouse commands combine key presses with clicks.

For example, the selection button is used to highlight objects on the display. On systems with 1-button mice (i.e. Macintosh), the selection button is a plain click of the button, but on systems with two or three buttons, the selection button is the left button.

A note to users of the KDE 2.1 window system (Linux/UNIX): The Alt-Left button is used by the window system, and as a result, you may not be able to issue the Special Select button. To disable the window systems use of this button combination, use the KDE control tool, select "Look & Feel", "Window behavior", "Actions" tab. Near the bottom, select "nothing" instead of "default move".

Notes from mouse table:

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