Chapter 10: The JELIB and DELIB File Format
10-4: Miscellaneous
10-4-2: Text Descriptors

Text descriptors appear in every Variable, and also in other places (cell instances and exports). All text descriptors have an anchor factor ("D0" through "D9"). If the anchor starts with a lower-case "d", the text is hidden (but the descriptor information is remembered). Here are the fields of a text descriptor:

A <size> ;Text is absolute size (in points).
BText is bold.
C <color> ;Text is drawn in the color index given.
D0 / d0Text is anchored at its center, limited to the size of its owner.
D1 / d1Text is anchored at its upper-right.
D2 / d2Text is anchored at its top.
D3 / d3Text is anchored at its upper-left.
D4 / d4Text is anchored at its right.
D5 / d5Text is anchored at its center.
D6 / d6Text is anchored at its left.
D7 / d7Text is anchored at its lower-right.
D8 / d8Text is anchored at its bottom.
D9 / d9Text is anchored at its lower-left.
F <font> ;Text is shown in the named font.
G <size> ;Text has relative size (in grid units).
HVariable is inheritable (only for variables on Cells or Exports).
IText is italic.
LText is underlined.
NVariable is written in the form "NAME=VALUE".
OJText is Java code.
OLText is Spice code.
OTText is TCL code.
PVariable is a parameter.
RText is rotated 90 degrees.
RRText is rotated 180 degrees.
RRRText is rotated 270 degrees.
TText is interior (seen only when inside the cell).
URValue is in Resistance units.
UCValue is in Capacitance units.
UIValue is in Inductance units.
UAValue is in Current units.
UVValue is in Voltage units.
UDValue is in Distance units.
UT Value is in Time units.
X <xoff> ;Text is offset in X from object center.
Y <yoff> ;Text is offset in Y from object center.


The text is anchored on the left ("D4") and is 8 units tall ("G8;").

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