Chapter 10: The JELIB and DELIB File Format
10-2: Header
10-2-1: Header, View, and Tool


The first line in the JELIB file should be the "H" header line. The syntax is:

H<name> | <version> [ | <variable> ]*
<name>the name of the library.
<version>the version of Electric that wrote the library.
<variable>a list of variables on the library (see Section 10-4-1).

The name of the library is used in the JELIB file to identify references to this library. The actual name of this library is obtained from the file path of this JELIB file.


Declares that library "latches" was written from Electric version 8.01.


All views used in the library must be declared.

V<full name> | <name>
<full name>the full name of the view.
<name>the abbreviation name of the view.


Declares view with abbreviation name "lay" and full name "layout".


There is no need to declare all tools in the header. The only reason for a tool declaration to exist is if the tool has project setting variables stored on it. If there are multiple tool lines, they are sorted by the tool name. The syntax is:

O<name> [ | <variable> ]*
<name>the name of the tool.
<variable>a list of preferences on the tool (stored as variables, see Section 10-4-1).


Declares a project setting on the "Logical Effort" tool object. The "GlobalFanout" is set to the floating point value 12.

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