Chapter 9: Tools
9-7: Network Consistency Checking (NCC)
9-7-1: Introduction to NCC

Electric can compare two different cells and determine whether their networks have the same topology. This operation is sometimes called Layout vs. Schematic (LVS), but because Electric can compare any two circuits (including two layouts or two schematics) we use the term Network Consistency Checking (NCC).

The Electric Network Consistency Checker has two algorithms for matching networks:

NCC has a "hierarchical" mode which starts at the bottom of the hierarchy in the leaf cells and proceeds upward. This mode is recommended because it allows the Local Partitioning algorithm to provide even more precise and intelligible mismatch diagnostics.


For an example of network consistency checking, open the Samples library with the Load Sample Cells Library command (in menu Help) and compare the cells "tool-NCC{lay}" and "tool-NCC{sch}". These two cells are equivalent and the checker will find them to be so.


Electric is able to work with Calibre LVS, and it can read the results of that program. Use the Import Calibre LVS Errors for Current Cell... command (in menu Tools / NCC) and select the Calibre error file (with the ".db" extension).

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