Chapter 9: Tools
9-6: Routing
9-6-3: Mimic Stitching

One problem with the auto-stitcher is that it may take a different view of the circuit than originally intended. In an area where more than two cells meet, the auto-stitcher may place many wires in an attempt to connect all touching ports. Another problem with the auto-stitcher is that it makes explicit only what is already implicit, and so does not always add all necessary wires.

To control the wiring of arrays of cells more directly, there is the mimic-stitcher. This tool lets the designer place a wire, and then it adds other wires between all other similar situations in the circuit. Thus, it mimics your actions. The router also mimics your wire removals, removing arcs similar to the ones that you delete.

To turn on the mimic-stitcher, use the Enable Mimic-Stitching command (in menu Tools / Routing). To disable the stitcher, use the command to uncheck it. You can also request that the mimic-stitcher run just once (mimicking the very last wire that was created or deleted) by using the Mimic-Stitch Now command. Finally, you can request that the mimic-stitcher run just once, mimicking the currently selected arc, by using the Mimic Selected command.

A set of restrictions applies to the mimic stitcher. These restrictions prevent mimicking from happening. Use Routing Preferences (in menu File / Preferences..., "Tools" section, "Routing" tab) to control these exact conditions in which arc creation and deletion will be mimicked.

When "Interactive mimicking" is checked, the mimic stitcher will ignore the restrictions, and present all possible mimic situations for your approval. These situations will be organized by the restrictions that apply to them, in order of increasingly relaxed acceptance criteria.

The "Keep Pins" checkbox requests that deleted arcs keep their pins (typically, pins at the ends of deleted arcs are also deleted).

When running noninteractively, these are the restrictions that may be applied:

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