Chapter 4: Display
4-2: The Messages Window

The messages window is a text window near the bottom of the screen. Many commands list their results in the messages window, and minor error messages are reported there.

The text in the messages window can be selected with the cursor and edited with the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands (in menu Edit). You can remove all text with the Clear command (in menu Window / Messages Window). In addition, you can right-click in the messages window to "Cut", "Copy", "Cut All", "Copy All", "Clear", or "Paste" text.

The text in the messages window can be saved to disk by using the Save Messages... command (in menu Window / Messages Window). You will be prompted for the place to save the text. This saves all future text, but not the text currently there. To save all text currently in the messages window, right-click on the window and choose "Save All".

You can select the messages window font with the Set Font... command.

The command Tile with Edit Window adjusts the messages window so that it abuts the edit window cleanly.

If the preference "Dock messages window to each edit window" is set (in menu File / Preferences..., "Display" section, "Display Control" tab), a panel will appear at the bottom of each edit window displaying the messages (all panels contain identical content). If it is not set (the default) there will be only one messages panel, and it will have its own window.

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