Chapter 3: Hierarchy
3-9: Libraries
3-9-4: Standard Cell Libraries

Electric comes with few useful libraries for doing design (see Section 3-9-1). However, the system is able to make use of Artisan libraries. These libraries are free, provided that you sign an Artisan license. Once you are licensed, you will have standard cell libraries, pad libraries, memory libraries, and more.

Artisan libraries are not distributed in Electric format. Instead, they come in a variety of formats that can be read into Electric. The GDS files contain the necessary geometry, and the LEF files contain the connectivity. By combining them, Electric creates a standard cell library that can be placed-and-routed and can be fabricated. Note that the data is not node-extracted, so not all of Electric's capabilities can be used with this data.

To create an Artisan library, follow these steps:

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