Chapter 3: Hierarchy
3-7: Cell Information
3-7-1: Cell Lists

To get some basic information about the current cell (size, dates, etc) use the Describe this Cell command (in menu Cell / Cell Info).

To get information about more than one cell, use the General Cell Lists... command. The dialog selects a subset of the cells in the current library.

The section labeled "Which cells:" selects the cells to be listed (all, only those used in other cells, only those NOT used in the current cell, only those in the current cell, or only "placeholder" cells: those created because of cross-library dependency failures, see Section 3-9-1).

The section labeled "View filter:" allows only certain views to be displayed.

The section labeled "Version filter:" allows removal of older or newer versions of cells.

The section labeled "Display ordering:" controls the order in which the selected cells will be listed.

The section labeled "Destination:" allows you to dump this listing to a disk file, formatted for spreadsheets (tab-separated).

Figure 3.21

The "Evaluate Numbers when Sorting Names" checkbox controls how cells are sorted (only relevant when cells are to be ordered by name). When checked, numbers inside of cell names are evaluated and sorted numerically. Thus, a set of cells called "A8", "A9", "A10", and "A11" will appear in that order. When not checked, cells are sorted lexically, causing the cells to appear in this order: "A10", "A11", "A8", "A9".

The result of cell information listing looks like this:

-Cell------------Version----Creation date----------Revision Date---------Size----Usage--L-I-S-D
tech-Artwork{}       1  Dec 31, 1969 16:00:00  Dec 15, 2004 11:34:15  131.0x83.0   0    L
tech-Bipolar{ic}     1  Dec 15, 2004 11:34:25  Dec 15, 2004 11:34:25   10.0x12.0   1
tech-Bipolar{lay}    1  Jul 23, 1990 23:25:49  Dec 15, 2004 12:38:11   37.0x73.5   0
tech-Bipolar{sch}    1  Jul 26, 1990 23:58:58  Dec 15, 2004 11:34:27  58.75x59.5   0    L I
tech-DigitalFilter{} 1  Dec 31, 1969 16:00:00  Dec 01, 2000 13:56:47   48.0x45.5   0
tech-MOSISCMOS{lay}  1  Jul 24, 1998 16:10:55  Dec 09, 2001 12:35:29   85.5x83.0   0          D
tech-PCB7404{}       1  Dec 31, 1969 16:00:00  Dec 15, 2004 11:45:03   12.5x28.5   1
tool_NCC{sch}        1  Mar 27, 2001 06:35:49  Jan 25, 2002 15:57:57   44.0x41.5   0    L I

The last five columns show the usage and four state bits. The usage is the number of times that this cell appears as an instance in other cells. The state bits are:

For more cell information, use the commands of menu Cell / Cell Info:

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