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Electric's Technologies

A Technology is an environment of design. Circuits can be built from any technology, and can even mix components from different technologies (to the extent that it is sensible).

Each technology is a collection of components and connecting wires. All relevant information is encapsulated in the technology, including design rules, simulation behavior, etc.

A build-in editor allows interactive creation of new technologies and modification of existing ones.

Electric has the following technologies:

nMOSGeneric N-channel MOS
CMOSComplementary MOS, many different versions:
MOSIS Rules (6-metal, double-poly, scmos/submicron/deep)
Round (from Cal Tech)
BipolarGeneric Integrated Injector Logic
BiCMOSHybrid of Bioplar and CMOS
Digital FiltersGeneric arcitectural technology
Printed CircuitsHandles up to 8-layer boards
SchematicsComponents for both analog and digital design
FPGACustom FPGA design from architectural
specification language
ArtworkElements for graphic design