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Electric's External Interfaces

Electric reads and writes libraries of circuitry in its own binary format. For portability between computers, it is also able to read and write a textual format of its database. However, for maximum compatibility with other EDA systems, Electric supports a number of popular interchange and manufacturing formats:

CIFInput and OutputCaltech Intermediate Format
GDS IIInput and OutputCalma GDS interchange format
EDIFInput and Output Electronic Design Interchange Format
SUEInputSchematic User Environment (a schematics editor)
DXFInput and OutputAutoCAD mechanical format
VHDLInput and OutputHardware description language
VerilogOutputHardware description language
CDLOutputCadence's circuit description language
EAGLEOutputSchematic capture interface
PADSOutputSchematic capture interface
ECADOutputSchematic capture interface
AppliconInputApplicon/860 (an old CAD format)
BookshelfInputBookshelf (placement interchange format)
GerberInput and OutputGerber Scientific plotter format
HPGLOutputPlotting language
PostScriptOutputPlotting language
SVGOutputScalable Vector Graphics (for browsers)