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Electric Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know Electric

  • What is Electric?
  • How did it get its name?

Help with C Electric

  • Extracting the download: Why does WinZip / gunzip / MacGZip give an error?
  • Compiling on UNIX: Why does it fail to find "X11/Xlib.h" and others?
  • Compiling on Macintosh: Does it run on OS 10?
  • Compiling on Macintosh: Can I use MPW?
  • Compiling on Windows: Why can't Visual C++ read the "dsw" file?
  • Linking on Windows: Why does it complain about "nafxcwd.lib"?
  • Running on Windows 95/98/Me: Why does it run out of memory?
  • When run, why is it unable to find the file "cadrc"?
  • When run, why are there no menus shown?
  • Why is the graphics on UNIX either slow or restricted to 8-bit displays?
  • Why doesn't SPICE run automatically?
  • How can I get the interpreted languages?
  • How can I get the IRSIM simulation engine?
  • Does Electric have any foreign-language interfaces?
  • Where can I get binaries?

Help with Java Electric

  • How can I get the IRSIM simulation engine?
  • Why does Electric throw an exception when I try to see 3D?

General Usage

  • What other bugs are known to exist in the current release?
  • Is Electric 64-bit clean?
  • Why can't Electric read my CIF or GDS file?
  • Why are my CIF and GDS II files difficult to edit after being read?
  • Does the VHDL compiler handle behavioral VHDL?
  • Are there 4-terminal transistors?
  • Are there any real libraries for the silicon compiler?
  • Where can I obtain additional technology files and libraries?


  • What is GPL?

Documentation and Help

  • How can I get a copy of the user's manual?
  • How can I get a copy of Steven Rubin's textbook on CAD tools?
  • How can I learn more about the Electric source code?
  • What discussion forums exist for Electric?
  • How can I be a healthier person?