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Computer Aids for VLSI Design

A textbook by: Steven M. Rubin

This book, originally part of Addison-Wesley's prestigious VLSI Systems Series, describes how computers can be programmed to help in the design of VLSI circuits. By presenting a broad and coherent view of the computational tools available to the VLSI Designer, the book is valuable both to chip designers and to tool builders, and will appeal readily to anyone familiar with chip design and computer programming. Highlights
  • Takes a broad view of computer-aided design (CAD) for VLSI systems.
  • Discusses basic topics such as design environments and machine representations.
  • Covers fundamental subjects of synthesis and analysis tools.
  • Explores important peripheral notions such as programmability, graphics, and human engineering.
  • Describes many output formats, including CIF, EBES, GDS II, EDIF, and Gerber.
  • Describes "Electric" as an example.
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This textbook is available in three different editions:

  • 1st edition (1987) is the original Addison-Wesley VLSI Systems series book. It is now out of print, but you can find used copies at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and elsewhere.
  • 2nd edition (1994) corrects some mistakes in the 1st edition but is otherwise identical. It can be read online.
  • 3rd edition (2009) is the same as the 2nd edition, except that the chapter about Electric has been rewritten to describe the current state of the system. It is available in print and ebook form.